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Mitzi 11th Jan, 2012+1
Call called me stating I had an "online payday loan" that I never paid back. Very think Indian accent. Threatened that I needed a lawyer and a police officer would arrest me if I did not pay back the loan immediately. Called my bank, and the only place I had EVER taken a loan out, found out it is a scam! Do NOT give them your information or more of what they already have.
xyzzz 19th Dec, 2011+0
Vonage sells your number to such reporting firms. They monitor how much you actually answer your phone. Anyone else wonder after getting Vonage how you get the call asking what county you live in? Maybe 911 related maybe not. Also Vonage doesn't let you block single numbers because it would really hamper their scam.
shelly snowden 2nd Dec, 2011+0
i never answerd it
Doris 22nd Nov, 2011+0
i jus want to know iff this call iz from abroad and if soo then from whom
jimmy channell 4th Nov, 2011+0
Keeps calling - no message - try to call back, fast busy signal.
wallyps 19th Oct, 2011+0
Called and stated that they work for a payday loan that i took out like 1 year ago and that they were going to serve me at my job or at home.
sdg 11th Oct, 2011+0
quien me llama ?
terex 30th Sep, 2011+0
says we won Hawaii 7 days vacation
Steve Kwak 1st Sep, 2011+0
ask for a dead person on very limited relations

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